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5 thoughts on “CARINA, THE EARLY YEARS”

  1. classic footage, thanks for sharing. Jimmy Marshall looks like he is 14. Wooden spreaders I had forgotten about. The Humes, Hank Enos, Bill Shay….too many legendary characters from my youth, Long live the Carina memories!

  2. Steve,
    What an excellent film. Congratulations. And, what a privilege to have sailed with such a wonderful group of people on such a fine boat. Many of those depicted have gone to their rewards,and when we join them we may be able to sail together once again. If so, it will have to be on some other boat, as Carina will still be down here winning more races.
    Yrs aye,

  3. Wonderful work Steve. Thanks so much for pulling this together. Yes, lot of characters… Jack Curry, Bodie Rhodes, Jim McCurdy and lots more.

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