I assembled this a few years ago because even I forget some of the boats and events I sailed. Still fond memories; and still making more.


This is in response to those who asked:”Who are you?” It is a least a dimension.Boats have always been a part of my life. Naturally interwoven with the story of Newport.


The 1966 Bermuda Race was my first. The boat(“Gunievere” belonging to George Moffett, designed by Alan Guerney) on which I sailed is shown very briefly tied to the dock at Port O’ Call (now Bannister’s Wharf). We were never out of sight of our nearest competitor: Thor Ramsing’s “Solution”; finishing within a minute of one another.
I was working for John Nicholas Brown on his boat in Newport. He had given me the time off to do the race. I always considered that it was very generous of him because he did not use his own boat while I was away. I sailed another Bermuda race with “Guinevere” and a Transatlantic Race.


I first met Burt Darrell in 1970 after the Bermuda Race. We had work done at his yard. In the succeeding years I would always visit and help out at the yard, as the finish of a Bermuda Race would push the limits of the usual island time. I looked forward to it, as I was rewarded with many stories of the sailing past. He was a man of enormous understated charm. Often I was invited to lunch at his house, again understated, well hidden from the public. A house he built himself with lumber salvaged from wrecks on the reefs surrounding Bermuda. The House was built of teak.

It was not unusual for someone of note to turn up for lunch as well.

Burt was an accomplished sailor in his own right having won the King Edward VII Gold Cup six times, in addition to his other accomplishments.

Burt would come to Newport for the America’s Cup races. He, like many real sailors wanted to “look under the hood” . It wasn’t the glamor, but the technology that attracted him.
In 1972 a hurricane crossed the fleet on it’s way to Bermuda. We were in need of repair, like so many other boats once we arrived in Bermuda; and were due to sail in the Trans-atlantic race to Spain to boot. I worked furiously at Burt’s yard on our projects, helping haul other boats in between.